Wednesday, February 16, 2011

J'Mel needs an iPad

J'Mel Davidson is a writer, director, actor, improv genius, and one of the funniest people I've ever met.

He writes for the Birmingham Weekly when he can but recently got laid up in the hospital, became semi-bionic, and now, unfortunately, needs to undergo dialysis.

Also, because of the pills he's on, he's unable to operate heavy machinery or drink grapefruit juice, thus destroying his lifelong dream of owning a grapefruit farm.

But he's okay with all of that. He doesn't even mind hanging out for three hours, three days a week, hooked up to the dialysis machine while Dr. Rudy Wells monitors and upgrades his bionic implants.

But sitting there is BORING, people, and he really could use an iPad to while away the time reading online comics and such.

Now as an ARTIST with medical bills, he can't just rush out to the Apple Store.

So, if you could send in a dollar, maybe five dollars, he could start saving up toward a shiny electronic companion.

Just PayPal him at heinousclown at


Love and kisses,
That Neil Guy

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